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What We Do

Online Course

With more than 40 online courses, CCA can help you learn and gain a new skill from the comfort of your own home. We believe that learning is a tool for all and can help people change their lives and achieve their goals.

Training For Schools

Learning one or more skills in schools can not only speed up the development process but it can also fill the gaps between the educationally and technologically backward and forward sections of the society

Sales of Software and E-book

Let help you overshoot your goals in the right ways. Interesting E-book can help develop your skills, Computer software like billing system, hotel management system and school management available.

What we can offer you

Aside the services stated above, We can also you with some couple of things :

  • We can help develop a website for your organisation
  • We can help manage your company database
  • We can help develop a software for your company
  • We can help with e-mail marketing

e-Books & Software

Interesting E-book can help develop your skills while software can promote your business and make your work more easiler


I’m a student under Cyber Champ Academy ICT education. Much kudos to my tutor he is such a wonderful tutor and fun to be with. CCA made my experience a great one with much ideas. Thank you for the great ideas and brains behind this program. After rigorous, nook and cranny search I did on where to get educated on the skill of my choice, CCA is such a blessing to me.
you’ve delivered to me beyond my expectations.

you are great!

Olasomi Labo Popoola


“Using today’s technology to educate tomorrow’s leaders.”  The entire CCA team embodies this vision every day. Our Wisconsin  online school staff are dedicated to each student’s personal success, creating a supportive  network to ensure each student is given the opportunity to succeed in their academic career.